Explore. Visit. Collect
Gamified digital souvenirs and rewards to encourage people to explore the world
Discover the wonders of the world with CyberTrophy - the app that brings adventure to life! Our mission is to encourage people to explore, have fun and experience joy by visiting amazing locations around the globe.

With CyberTrophy, we've taken exploration to the next level by adding beautiful 3D objects called cyber trophies to complement the stunning natural and man-made wonders around us. These digital treasures are designed to enhance your experience and create a sense of wonder and delight as you explore new places.

So how does it work? Here is a 30 seconds video – SOUND ON!
Download the CyberTrophy app and start your adventure! As you visit different locations, use the app's augmented reality feature to collect cyber trophies and add them to your collection. It's a fun and engaging way to discover new places while enjoying a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Join the CyberTrophy community today and start exploring the world in a whole new way!
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Community Engagement = Fairness + Participation
  • NFT
    The collected trophies are NFTs. Users fully own them and can enjoy them even outside of the platform.
  • Tokens
    Along with each trophy users also receive crypto tokens. The tokens can be used in the platform to purchase digital products and services. They can also be transferred out of the platform to be used as the user sees fit, which can include being exchanged for other tokens or fiat currencies. This is our way of sharing the platform generated value with the users.
  • DAO
    Tokenomics is managed via a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation) to give the power of governance and decision making to the community.
  • Monetization by Foot Traffic
    We monetize our efforts by attracting people to physical locations, presenting deals and sharing high level aggregated and anonymized statistical data with local businesses. We believe this model helps users with knowledge and helps local businesses prepare the best combination of products and services for their visitors.
CyberTrophy app is a transformative exploration of everything around us. It is an amalgamation of our physical and digital existences into a fun game to share and play with friends.