For 3D models creators
Create 3D models for CyberTrophy and get rewarded
All creators contributing their 3D models into CyberTrophy app are benefited in two ways:

  1. Publicity - clear visibility of author's name and work for all app users
  2. Rewards in points for authors - and points will be convertible into crypto tokens
Also, for your convenience and the best user experience, please review CyberTrophy 3D model guidelines and requirements.

CN Tower in Toronto, Canada
Benefit 1: Creators publicity
When you create 3D models for trophies, your work is going to be clearly visible for everyone on the platform:
  • When a user gets into details of a trophy, they will see author's name and their optional personal note.
  • When a trophy is collected and becomes part of one's showroom, they also see author's name and personal note
  • Author's personal profile clearly shows all their created models, visible for all users
This is how it looks in the app:
Note: as an author, you will be able to add a personal web link. This will allow you to provide means to contact you directly regarding your work.

Benefit 2: Rewards in points
For each published trophy with your model, you will be rewarded in points:
  • When your models has been published, you will receive 100 points for each of your published models; paid next day
  • After that, each time another user of the app collects a trophy with your model, you will get 1 point; paid daily. For example, if 10 users collected your trophy, you will get 10 points.
Each point will be convertible into crypto tokens in future outside of Continuum.Social platform.
3D model requirements
Please follow CyberTrophy 3D model requirements and guidelines when you create your models.