CyberTrophy by Continuum.Social
Explore the world and earn digital rewards!
Welcome to CyberTrophy - the app that encourages you to explore the world and collect unique digital souvenirs known as "cyber trophies".

Our technology uses augmented reality to bring these trophies to life when you visit specific locations, such as famous landmarks, scenic parks, engaging museums, exciting events, or hidden city gems.

With CyberTrophy, you can discover fascinating places and create unforgettable memories while capturing and sharing your adventures with friends and family.
Key features
  • Explore trophies using discovery map
  • Mark your favourite trophies to collect later
  • Visit the locations in real world to be able to collect
  • When nearby a trophy, use augmented reality to collect the trophy
  • Get rewarded with in-app points for collecting trophies
  • Share your emotional feedback about the trophy and see emotions of the whole world
  • Enjoy all collected trophies in the Showroom
  • Personalize collected trophies with personal photos and notes
  • Expand your explorations with curated collections
  • Connect with friends
  • Track new trophies and friends’ updates in the Flow
  • Get rewarded even more when you collect a trophy at the same time with a friend of yours